Grief and Bereavement Service

Grief and Bereavement Service

The Grief and Bereavement Service is part of Ipswich Hospice Care Ltd. and is co-located on the Ipswich Hospice Care site, in Hilda’s House. The Grief and Bereavement Service is available to anybody who resides in the West Moreton Health region, it is not just for guests of Hospice and their families. The services are offered to anybody who has experienced a loss, expected or unexpected, and has identified the need for support.

The history of the Grief and Bereavement Service is as old as Ipswich Hospice itself. Dr Hilda des Arts created the Grief and Bereavement Services in 1995, after the opening of the Hospice building. In 2003, Hilda’s House, next door to the Hospice Building, was opened as the designated home of the Grief and Bereavement Service.

Since 1995, the Grief and Bereavement Service has developed several avenues of support for adults and children. It is understood that the Grief and Bereavement Service at Ipswich Hospice Care is the only service of its kind in West Moreton, which offers a fully funded program.

Our Services 

Individual Support: One-to-one support for people who are bereaved. Exclusion criteria applies 

Palliative Care Counselling: Individual and family counselling for those who are facing the end of their life and for their loved ones. 

Kids’ Grief Group: A program for children aged between 6 and 14 years who are bereaved and want a safe environment in which to express their feelings of grief, while meeting other children in similar situations. 

Parents and Carers Support Group: Offered concurrently with the Kids’ Grief Group, this program is for people supporting children through grief and who are interested in understanding more about the way children grieve. 

Adult Grief Group: A program specifically designed for bereaved adults who would like to get together with others in a facilitated group. 

Drop-In Group: Twice monthly informal gatherings for people who are bereaved and are interested in connecting with others in a similar situation. 

Practice Development Opportunities: Customised and general training, supervision and mentoring opportunities are available to professionals wishing to develop their skills in the area of counselling, and grief and loss support. 

Referrals can be made by:

Health professionals and schools can also refer by clicking on the ‘Referrals’ tab at the top of this page

Following referral, a member of the Grief and Bereavement Team will contact you and invite you to meet with our Social Worker. The purpose of this initial consultation is to work out which program is the best for you and your unique circumstances.


All grief, bereavement and palliative care support services at Ipswich Hospice Care, are provided by a team of trained practitioners and volunteers. 

A donation is requested for all bereavement services provided and all donations $2 or over are Tax Deductible. 

Our bereavement support services are partly funded by the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), an initiative of the Commonwealth Department of Health. 

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