Ipswich Hospice Care Membership

Membership renewals for 2021/22 are now due! Click here to renew your membership online (new members please complete application form below).

Membership of Ipswich Hospice Care Ltd (IHC) means being part of a local organisation at the forefront of person and family centred end of life care and bereavement support delivery and taking on the challenge of addressing local palliative care and community needs and service gaps.

IHC is a Company limited by guarantee. There are no shareholders, only members. Governance is by a board comprising of elected directors.

The Constitution sets out what the Company can do and why it exists. The Constitution may be downloaded here.

The principal object of the Company is to provide dignified, compassionate end of life care and to support families and bereaved members of the community.

Membership is open to individuals and organisations wishing to support the aims and objects of the Company. The annual membership fee is $15 for individuals, and $30 for families/organisations, and is payable in July each year.

Membership Benefits
  • You will be helping to drive improvements in locally delivered palliative and community care and ensuring that services are better tailored to meet the needs of local communities
  • Opportunity to have your say on current and future programmes
  • Voting rights to elect the IHC Board
  • Access to support, services, resources, advice, networking, and events
  • Receive communications and updates
Membership Obligations

IHC is a Company limited by guarantee. This means that in a situation where the Company is wound up, each member of IHC has a limited liability. This liability is not more than $10 and is described in Clause 7 of the Constitution.

Apply for Membership

Download the application form here. Email membership@ipswichhospice.org.au or telephone (07) 3812 0063 if you have any questions about membership.

Membership application process:

  1. Complete the membership application form and return to the Company Secretary by mail or email (see details below).
  2. Nominated member details are checked by the Company Secretary. Your agreement to membership conditions is also confirmed.
  3. Your nomination is recommended to the IHC Board by the Company Secretary.
  4. The IHC Board approves or rejects membership.
  5. You will be advised of the outcome by the Company Secretary, and, if successful, entered on the Membership Register.

Completed applications should be sent to Ipswich Hospice Care Ltd, 37 Chermside Road, Eastern Heights QLD 4305 or by email to membership@ipswichhospice.org.au