Ipswich Hospice Care is a community owned facility, providing end-of-life palliative care to terminally ill people and support for their families.  Inpatient services are provided in in a home-like environment in our 7-bed inpatient facility which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Grief and Bereavement support services are offered to the Ipswich and West Moreton community.

Palliative Care Australia defines palliative care as person and family-centred care provided for a person with an active, progressive, advanced disease, who has little or no prospect of cure and who is expected to die, and for whom the primary goal is to optimise the quality of life.

End-of-life care is the last few weeks of life in which a patient with a life-limiting illness is rapidly approaching death. The needs of patients and their carers is higher at this time. This phase of palliative care is recognised as one in which increased services and support are essential to ensure quality, coordinated care from the health care team is being delivered. This takes into account the terminal phase or when the patient is recognised as imminently dying, death and extends to bereavement care.

Ipswich Hospice is a community facility that provides palliative care in a home-like environment. Our model of care puts the patient and family at the centre of the care planning team. We endeavour to walk alongside you on your journey and provide as much comfort and support that you and your family need. We are guided by the choices and wishes of the patient and family; and we do all we can to make your time with us comfortable, safe and calm.

Ipswich Hospice Inpatient service is available to people of the West Moreton region of south-east Queensland, who have a life-limiting illness. Referrals are made via the ‘Referrals’ tab at the top of this page. Whilst referrals can be made by anyone, it is important for us to get as much medical information as possible before we can accept the referral. Therefore, we suggest you talk to the patient’s doctor about a referral and ask if they can make the referral on your behalf.

Eligibility for admission is assessed by the Palliative Care Consultant, Nurse Practitioner and Director of Nursing.

Please see Services section for more information

People who are admitted to Ipswich Hospice have specific palliative care needs which can’t be managed at home or in a nursing home. For many patients, these needs will continue through to death. However, sometimes, a patient’s medical condition will stabilise (or plateau) and they no longer have specialist palliative care needs. In this case, we would begin the process of referring the patient to a long-term care setting (for example, residential aged care, community aged care etc.).

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The rooms are allocated by the care team and include consideration of the needs of all our patients. There may be circumstances where you may need to change room during your admission at Hospice. This is very unusual, but it can happen.

People can’t be booked in for routine respite care at Ipswich Hospice. Sometimes, a patient known to us may need to be admitted to manage a specific symptom, or provide relief for a caregiver. However, this is on an emergent needs basis and respite bookings can not be taken.

Yes. Anybody living in the West Moreton region who has experience loss, grief or bereavement can access the Grief and Bereavement Service. Referrals can be made by phoning the team on (07) 3218 1163 or emailing adminhh@ipswichhospice.org.au.

Please visit the Services page for more information about the Grief and Bereavement Service.

Ipswich Hospice Care established a Nurse Practitioner Service in December 2019. The Nurse Practitioner supports the inpatient service, runs outpatient clinics and offers home visiting for community clients.

The Nurse Practitioner works closely with GPs, Specialist Palliative Care Consultants and other care providers to coordinate the best palliative care possible.

Ipswich Hospice Care does not employ Allied Health practitioners directly. However, if a guest would benefit from an Allied Health practitioner assessment, a referral to a visiting clinician will be made. This may incur a cost and is not covered by the public health funding.

Ipswich Hospice Caree is a non-Government organisation and a registered charity; and as such, has a patchwork of funding streams. The Inpatient Service is partly funded by Queensland Department of Health, the Grief and Bereavement Service funded by Commonwealth grants. The Nurse Practitioner Service is partly funded by Medicare rebates.

Government funding accounts for approximately 60% of expenditure. The balance of funding for Ipswich Hospice Care services comes from generous donations, payroll deductions and fundraising events. Hospice can also claim a portion of costs through Department of Veteran Affairs and Private Health funds for eligible guests.

Admission and care at Ipswich Hospice are covered by Government funding and fundraising. This means that there are no costs for accommodation, care or meals. However, admission to hospice is like being cared for at home. This means there are costs for medications, continence aids, Allied Health assessments and any specialist equipment that you may need.

Ipswich Hospice Care needs and encourages financial assistance from guests and families accessing our services.  We appreciate regular donations, if possible, during the guests stay with us. 

The Grief and Bereavement Service offered by Hilda’s House has “no set fee” so donations are appreciated by community members accessing these services.

Ipswich Hospice is located at 37 Chermside Road in Eastern Heights. We are situated on the corner of Chermside and Robertson Road across from Limestone Park and service all of Ipswich and the West Moreton Community.  

 Hilda’s House is located next door to Ipswich Hospice at 39 Chermside Road Eastern Heights. 

Limited parking is available in  Ipswich Hospice Parking car park. Alternatively there is plenty of street parking available on Chermside Road.

 Due to COVID-19, it is advised that you call ahead and check the current visitor restrictions which change frequently, depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Visiting hours are usually unrestricted, but patients may choose to limit visitors and the length of stay.Hospice doors are locked after hours. Access through the Guest Wing entry is available by ringing the doorbell to the left of the door.

Under usual circumstances, visitors can stay overnight to support their loved ones. However, this is a visiting arrangement only – Hospice is not able to provide ongoing accommodation for visitors or family members.

 Due to COVID-19, it is advised that you call ahead and check the current visitor restrictions which change frequently, depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Yes. If you would like your own GP to care for you whilst at Hospice and they are willing to do so, that can be arranged. Your GP will need to be approved and granted admission rights before your admission if possible.

Ipswich Hospice Care aims to provide quality of life for our guests and their families. If a guest would like to go out on day leave, or overnight leave, we will do our best to enable that to happen. However, the guest’s GP will need to approve the leave. This is to ensure the guest is safe and has the appropriate support (and equipment) whilst away from Ipswich Hospice.

The kitchen team prepares meals for individual patients. The main meal of the day is at lunch. Our Kitchen Team can take orders for sandwiches for family and friends prior to 10am daily at a nominal charge. Kitchen resources are limited at weekends and on public holidays, so meals are available only for patients at these times. 

Visitors are welcome to bring in their own food. There is a small fridge in each room and a microwave in the family room for reheating. 

The hospice kitchen is available only for Hospice staff, to comply with regulations.

Each room has a CD/DVD player, TV, Fridge, Air conditioner, and an outdoor deck. A family room is available with a microwave, coffee and tea making facilities and there are outdoor areas and gardens around Hospice.

Patients should bring with them personal toiletries, shavers, incontinence aids, casual day wear, nightwear, underwear, socks, footwear & slippers.

Hobbies, music, photos, small sentimental items, medications and scripts currently used, dressings for wounds, and mobility equipment if used.

Generally speaking, pets are welcome for a visit by Ipswich Hospice. However, this must be pre-approved by the Director of Nursing (or Manager).

Pets must be supervised at all times whilst on the premises and we ask you to clean up after them if required. 

Assistance is welcomed in many different ways including donations, volunteering, payroll deductions, bequests, memberships and/or sponsorship.

More information about how to support us can be found here.

Yes, donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Ipswich Hospice Care is registered with the Australian Tax Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Our ABN is 63 563 946 327.

Contact details for Ipswich Hospice Care can be found here.