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Our inpatient unit at Ipswich Hospice has been providing quality end of life care to the Ipswich and West Moreton community for over 25 years. In this time, the community has grown enormously and the demand for our inpatient beds has increased with it. In response to this, we have started to channel part of our budget in to expand our services in to the community with our Nurse Practitioner program. This means, we rely more and more on our generous community to help us with replacement equipment costs, which are vital for the comfort and dignity of our guests.

Our nursing team have compiled the  Wish List below to help us pave the way for the next 25 years. The ‘BUY NOW’ buttons take you directly to the places you can purchase these items for Ipswich Hospice.

2 x 43 inch TVs


The TVs are needed for our Grief and Bereavement Service, particularly our Kids Grief Group.

Patient monitor (with stand)


Monitoring vital signs is essential for people with chronic illness. This monitor will help us recognise changes in patients’ condition promptly.

Oxygen Concentrator


Supplemental oxygen is critical for people with respiratory illness. This will help us care for more people with breathing problems.

Apple iPad Air 64GB Wi-Fi


This gift will enable more people to access our Nurse Practitioner Service through telehealth. We need a few of these!

Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi


Help our patients keep in touch with family, friends and current affairs with one of these iPads for each of our 7 patient rooms.

WendyLett Patient Positioning System


These amazing sheets help our nurses move patients around the bed with ease – optimising comfort for patients and nurses. We need three lots of these.