Here at Ipswich Hospice Care, we understand the importance of compassionate care during life’s most challenging moments. In 1995, Ipswich Hospice Care was built by the Ipswich community for the community.

For nearly three decades, we have provided holistic care to thousands of members of the community suffering from life limiting illnesses. We’ve held hands with families, including children, offering solace through grief and bereavement services.

We couldn’t take him home and I’ll be honest, for me it was, I suppose, more peaceful in my heart to know that he passed away here than in the hospital. I think the hospital environment is not as warm… and very clinical. If we had to make the same choices again, we would definitely make those same choices to bring him here.” – Penny (daughter of previous Hospice guest, Raymond)

The need for palliative care in our region is projected to triple in the next decade. Tragically, last year, over 60 people in our community died waiting for a bed at Ipswich Hospice Care. Sixty lives of which the last chapter could have been spent in a tranquil home like environment, surrounded by family.

At Ipswich Hospice Care, choice, dignity, and quality of life are paramount.

While we’re incredibly grateful for the government support we receive, it only covers about half of our operational costs, leaving us with a significant funding gap of approximately $1 million each year. This means we rely on the generosity of our community to bridge the gap and ensure that we are able to continue delivering our much needed services. Services, which I might add, are provided at no cost to our guests.

That’s why we urgently need your support to continue providing much needed care to people suffering from life limiting illnesses, but also to grow to meet future demand for our services.

The Impact of YOUR Donation:
Whatever you are able to give, you are making a difference in the lives of those we serve. We appreciate your support!

You can help bring comfort and creativity to our guests by providing art supplies for our 24/7 arts & crafts trolley.

You can help add joy and a sense of normalcy to our guests’ lives. with a subscription to in-room.

You can help cover the cost of a nurse’s shift, ensuring our guests receive attentive medical care.

You can help provide a week of nourishing meals for our guests, promoting their health and strength.

You can help purchase a week’s worth of essential medical supplies, enabling us to deliver high-quality care.