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People living with a disability (physical or intellectual) who also have a serious or life limiting illness often find it difficult to access palliative care when they need it. In West Moreton, we know we have lots of people living with a disability who would benefit from having an assessment and discussion about their palliative care needs as their illness progresses.

Ipswich Hospice Care has teamed up with CiMaS Nursing Services and West Moreton Health palliative care service and created a new service that we think will improve access to quality palliative care for people living with disability in our region. The service begins with a visit from the Ipswich Hospice Nurse Practitioner, who will address any current needs you may have. The Nurse Practitioner will also arrange for a meeting with your GP, your family, your care providers and anybody else who you would like to be included. Following the meeting, the Nurse Practitioner will provide a palliative care plan for you and link you in with other services you may benefit from (for example, palliative care nurses, counselling, specialist palliative care outpatients etc.). Your care plan will be regularly reviewed and updated as your needs change. You will also be offered the opportunity to meet with our Social Worker for advance care planning.

This service is provided at no cost to you. Darling Downs and West Moreton Primary Health Network (DDWMPHN) have provided funding for us to deliver this service. We will also be doing a formal evaluation of this service which will tell us what impact it has on people who are living with disability. You may be asked if you would like to participate in the evaluation, but it is not a requirement, and not participating will not affect the services you receive.

The evaluation is important for the long term survival of this program. We hope to show the benefits of this holistic approach, as well as make improvements from what the evaluation tells us.

The evaluation is separate to the service. If you would like to participate, we will provide additional information about what is involved.

Please speak to your GP, treating doctor or other health professional about referring you to this service. Referrals are made through the West Moreton Health referral systems:

  • Via Specialist Outpatients Department to Palliative Care (information can be found at OR
  • Via GP Smart Referrals (your GP will know about this) OR
  • Via a letter from any health professional, faxed to 07 3810 1561

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