Nick was diagnosed with Leukaemia as a teenager.  Although a bone marrow transplant for the condition cured him of Leukaemia, Nick subsequently developed a complication of the bone marrow transplant known as chronic graft versus host disease.  Complications from this condition resulted in a poor outlook for Nick when admitted to Hospice. 

Our team at Hospice supported Nick and his family to not only cope with feelings of anxiety and psychological distress, but also delivering medical and nursing care.  Due to Hospice’s open, home like environment and flexibility, Nick was able to spend as much time as possible with his family and friends, often visiting the family home for short periods.

Thanks to the excellent medical care at Hospice, supported by our wonderful staff and volunteers, and through Nick’s inspiring determination, his life-threatening complications were successfully treated and resolved.  This enabled Nick to return home, where he remains today, more than one year later.  Although Nick is still living with a potentially life-threatening condition, he is doing well currently and remains positive.

 “I’m grateful to the team at Hospice for all your love and support, so please donate to ensure more people can experience the same wonderful support that I continue to receive.” 

We ask for your support to give a tax-deductible donation so Hospice can continue to fulfil our mission of providing dignified, compassionate and end of life care, and to support families and bereaved members of your community and their preference to be ‘at home’.

Nick photographed recently