AS you pass the 40 year mark in life you invariably start to reflect on “remember when”.

How many chips you got on a Friday night wrapped in paper at the local fish shop, how many lollies came in that white paper bag for 10 cents at the corner store and the real taste of the home brewed soft drinks that were delivered door to door.

At least this Christmas you’ll be able to go back in time to remember the good old days of soft drinks thanks to an initiative between the descendants of McMahon’s soft drinks and Ipswich Hospice.

Their most popular soft drinks lines, Sarsaparilla and N.E.Thing have been recreated using the same recipe that was so popular in the 60’s and 70’s throughout Ipswich.

“I have been asked so many times if we would ever go back into bottling just to produce these two favourites and quite frankly I never thought we would,” Peter McMahon, the son of founder Frank McMahon, said.

“The idea came up a few months ago as we were brainstorming ways we could raise funds for the Ipswich Hospice and now the idea has become a reality.

“It will be a limited production of just 200 cartons of 24 x 300ml bottles and they’ll sell for $100 plus gst a carton,” he said.

If the bottles of yesteryear go as well as expected it will flow over $20,000 back into much needed funds at Ipswich Hospice.

Cooks Soft Drinks at Pittsworth have stepped up the plate to do the bottling and the cartons are already on the truck heading to Ipswich.

McMahon’s N.E.Thing and Sarsaparilla cartons can be ordered online at

The cartons will then be available for collection from the Ipswich Swim Factory which is located at the old McMahon’s Soft Drink factory in Martin Street, Woodend.

McMAHONS SOFT DRINK FUNDRAISER UPDATE: Please be patient with the website, we are having some technical difficulties where payments are not processing properly. If you think you order has not gone through please send us a message before processing the order again.

McMAHONS SOFT DRINK UPDATE 6/12: We have just re-opened sales and have a very limited amount available! Once these are sold out that will be it! All orders need to be collected by Friday, December 13.

Thanks for supporting Ipswich Hospice!

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  • Annette Lapworth
    November 26, 2019 12:01 pm

    Hi, How long do we have to pick up the drinks we purchase. As I live at Harlin near Kilcoy.
    Thanks Annette

  • I hate to repeat the question if already asked, but I did read correctly didn’t I when it said I would get an email telling me when I could pick up ?

  • carmen gioseffi
    December 10, 2019 1:01 am

    Hi guys,
    I live in Brisbane but a relative of mine who lives and works in Ipswich told me about the Ipswich Hospice Care worthy cause donation scheme that you have going. I had asked her to send me the link and bought a case of McMahon’s Sarsaparilla and was happy to travel to Ipswich to pick up the case and happy help a very worthy cause.
    I grew up in North Queensland and did not know of the well known McMahon Ipswich soft drink factory. I loved Sarsaparilla growing up but find the normal brands available in the supermarket too sweet for my taste now.
    I have now tasted McMahon’s Sarsparilla and it is absolutely out of this world, so delicious and not sweet like the other brands on the market. After this Fund Raiser, where can I buy this again regularly, my friends also would like to buy as well. I would also like to try your N-E-Thing drink which I have never ever heard about before and if I like it, which I am sure I would, I would like to buy it too by the 6-pack or carton. Please pass on these comments to the McMahon family. What a great heritage and I would hate all this going to waste and not be able to buy regularly.

    • Kerryn Costello
      December 10, 2019 9:03 am

      We will be doing this as a yearly fundraiser for Ipswich Hospice, but may be doing a small run again after Christmas. You can also buy bottles individually from the Swim Factory while stocks last!

  • How can I place an order ….I understand the first run of these soft drinks have been sold out ….but there may be more produced

  • Are all the McMAHONS drinks left??


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