Ipswich Hospice Care present Online Art Awards 2020

Ipswich Hospice Care invites you to enter your Artwork/s for the Art Awards 2020 and Online Art Sale. Registration is now open.


Entries Open:  Wednesday 29th April 2020 Entries Close: 9am Friday 12th June 2020

Judging:  12noon Friday 12th June 2020 – 5pm Sunday 14th June 2020

Winners Announced:   Monday 15th June 2020

Online Art Sale:  Monday 15th June 2020 – Monday 26th June 2020


Oil | Acrylic | Watercolour | Photography | Textiles | Works on Paper | Mixed Media including 3D | Student Category Aged 16 & Under


One Entry per Artist – $20 plus GST or Three Entries per Artist – $50 plus GST


Category Prizes for each of the following: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Photography, Textiles, Works On Paper, Mixed Media including 3D:

1st Place – $250, 2nd Place – $100

Category Prizes for the following: Student Category Aged 16 and Under

1st Place – Arttime Supplies $100 Gift Voucher and Prize Pack

Overall Art Award Prize (any Category) – Butterfly Award

The Butterfly Award is sponsored by Arttime Supplies.  The prize includes a two week exhibition of the Artists works in the Arttime Supplies Drawing Point Gallery including an Opening Night provision of drinks and grazing board.  The prize is valued at $470.  Valid until 30th June 2021.


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This agreement is entered into, by and between Ipswich Hospice Care Ltd, referred to herein as “Ipswich Hospice Care” and the individual when registering as an entrant of the Ipswich Hospice Care Art Awards, referred to herein as “Artist”.

Registration opens on 29th April 2020 and artwork must be submitted by Friday 12th June 2020, 9am AEST (Queensland time).

Entry fees are payable upon registration and must be paid prior to the artwork being submitted.  Entry fees are non-refundable.

When registering, you will be required to advise the following: artist name, street address, email address, phone number, GST position, bank details and number of entries.

Entries must be the original, unaided work of the Artist, executed within the two years prior to the entry closing date.

Entries must be photographed and submitted by email to events@ipswichhospice.org.au. Images must be jpeg format only in a high-resolution file (300dpi 10-15MB).  Only one image of each artwork is to be submitted.  Each file name should be clearly labelled with the artist’s surname (capitals), first name (lowercase) and name of the work, separated by underscore; e.g. ADAMS_Janette_RoseGarden.

Each artwork submitted by email MUST be accompanied by the following item inventory details: name of the artwork, retail price of artwork, category of entry and measurements of the artwork.  NOTE: A 20% commission on all works sold will benefit Ipswich Hospice Care so be sure your sale price reflects this commission if necessary.

Entries representing collaboration between individuals will be accepted as one entry and on the understanding that each partner’s contribution is deemed equal.

All expenses incurred in the submission of the entry are the responsibility of the applicant.

All works entered to the Art Awards must be available for online display and sale during the Art Sale period from Monday 15th June 2020 – Monday 26th June 2020. Refer Artwork Consignment & Sale Agreement below.

All entries submitted will be judged by three judges.

For each category (excluding the student category), a first place and a second place will be awarded.  For the Student Category, a first place will be awarded. Winners will be announced on Monday 15th June 2020 and notified by email.

There will be one overall art awards prize, the Butterfly Award. This will be awarded to any one selected artwork entered in any category.  This will be awarded to the artwork that has received the greatest number of votes from all viewers of the Art Sale who volunteer to vote.  The artwork with the greatest number of votes when the Art Sale closes on Monday 26th June 2020 will be the winner of the Butterfly Award.  The winner will be announced on Monday 26th June 2020 and be notified by email.

Ipswich Hospice Care will direct deposit the place-winning funds into the Artist’s bank account provided with registration.

Ipswich Hospice Care assumes all entries are original and are the works and/or property of the Artist with all rights granted therein. Ipswich Hospice Care is the sole owner of the information collected from the entry forms and any other information submitted, and will not sell, share or rent the information to others except for the sole purpose of advertising or promoting the Art Awards. The personal information of the Artist is protected from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure or other misuse by network and system security. By submitting this entry, the Artist is consenting to the use of their contact information for the purposes of receiving information about the outcome of their entry in the Ipswich Hospice Care Art Awards. Should the contact information provided change between the time that the entry is submitted and the results are announced, please contact Ipswich Hospice Care via email at events@ipswichhospice.org.au to update your details.

Ipswich Hospice Care is not responsible or accountable for disputes between artists, or artists and purchasers of the artwork. Ipswich Hospice Care accepts entries on the basis of the declaration by the entering artist.

The names of the winners will be published on the Ipswich Hospice Care website and images supplied of the artworks may be used by local publications for promotional material or publication.

Each Artist agrees that the artwork may be reproduced by Ipswich Hospice Care for archival and/or promotional purposes. Ipswich Hospice Care is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant and will at all times attribute authorship of the work. For further information contact: Ipswich Hospice Care Ph (07) 3812 0063 events@ipswichhospice.org.au


1) AGENCY, PURPOSE: The Artist appoints Ipswich Hospice Care as agent for the purpose of online display and sale of the Artist’s work(s) in Australia, on a consignment basis.

2) DURATION OF CONSIGNMENT: This consignment agreement will remain in force during the Art Sale period from Monday 15th June 2020 – Monday 26th June 2020.

3) NOTICE OF CONSIGNMENT: Ipswich Hospice Care shall give notice, by means of a clear and conspicuous website posting, that the items are being sold subject to a contract of consignment.

4) SHIPPING / COLLECTION RESPONSIBILITIES: The Artist is responsible for delivery of the artwork(s) directly to Ipswich Hospice Care, 37 Chermside Road, Eastern Heights by Friday 10th July 2020.  Ipswich Hospice Care will arrange for the artwork(s) sold to be collected by the Purchaser. All packing and shipping charges, insurance costs, other handling expenses, and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery of Artwork(s) from the Artist to Ipswich Hospice Care are the responsibility of the Artist.

5) FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Artwork(s) remain the property of the Artist until the Artist has been notified of a successful sale by Ipswich Hospice Care; title then passes directly to the Purchaser with shipment. All proceeds from the sale of items shall be held in trust for the Artist and not made available to creditors of Ipswich Hospice Care.

6) PRICING: Ipswich Hospice Care shall sell the artworks only at the Retail Price specified in the Artist’s “item inventory”. 

7) COMMISSION: Ipswich Hospice Care and the Artist agree that Ipswich Hospice Care’s commission is to be twenty per cent (20%) + GST of the Retail Price of the Artwork.

8) TERMS OF PAYMENT: Payment to the Artist shall be made by Ipswich Hospice Care within 14 working days after the successful delivery of the Artwork(s), or earlier at Ipswich Hospice Care’s discretion. Ipswich Hospice Care assumes full risk for the failure to pay on the part of any purchaser to whom it has sold an Artwork(s).

Ipswich Hospice Care reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time.



Thank you for supporting Ipswich Hospice Art Awards