Christmas is a time when you can feel the loss of a loved one more than perhaps at any other time of the year. The “Hospice Remembrance Trees” are an annual tradition where you can remember loved ones no longer with you by writing a special message on a Hospice Butterfly and placing it on one of our Christmas Trees.

The message butterflies can be purchased for $2 each and while remembering your loved ones you are also helping raise vital funds for Ipswich Hospice.

At the conclusion of the Remembrance Trees, the butterflies are removed and brought to Hilda’s House. The messages are all handled in a thoughtful and respectful manner before being burned. The ashes are then scattered in the Ipswich Hospice Memorial Rose Garden during a special ceremony in the New Year.

This year the Remembrance Trees will be hosted at the following locations:

Monday- Sunday, December 1-24 at Booval Fair Shopping Centre

Monday- Sunday, December 3-9 at Riverlink Shopping Centre

Monday- Friday, December 3-24 at Hospice Reception

Online or over the phone from Monday December 3rd

Online: link coming soon

Phone: (07) 3812 0063

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