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Adult Grief Groups for 2018

Hilda’s House is pleased to advise that bookings for the next Adult Grief Group are now open. The first group will be held on 1st February and the group will run until 15 March.

The Adult Grief Group supports bereaved people in their grief journey and assists them to develop skills which help them to cope with grief. The groups are for people who have lost someone significant in their life through a death of any type.

Grief is uncomfortable and painful. It is a very personal experience with no time limit.   Although each person grieves differently, some of the people we support at Hilda’s House are experiencing things such as:

  • Significant loss/es
  • A lack of interest or motivation to do day to day activities
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Periods of overwhelming sadness
  • Blaming themselves for the loss and assuming that they could have prevented it.

Around 300 people are supported through their grief and loss at Hilda’s House each year.

Hilda’s House is located at 39 Chermside Road, Eastern Heights, adjoining Ipswich Hospice Care.

For further information or to book a place in the group phone

HILDA’S HOUSE on 3812 1163

More information regarding our services can be found at