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GM’s Message – National Palliative Care Week

There have been a lot of interesting initiatives / projects occurring around Hospice since my last post.

We are extremely appreciative and thankful to Apprenticeships Queensland for the work which they have done under an initiative called ‘Skilling Queenslanders for Work Project’. I have been particularly impressed by their high quality of work, their supervisor Marty and the wonderful manner / conduct of the apprentices themselves.

I am very keen to share with the wider community as much information as possible about our organisation and about our amazing services. The desire to make IHC Inc. the ‘Charity of Choice’ in Ipswich and the wider region is very important because every time we can be front and centre in the public consciousness – it’s an opportunity to remind locals that we are their community run and owned hospice. Whether it is via a speech or via radio, email, facebook – it’s all about communicating often and well. I am pleased to announce that we have had some wonderful nominations thus far for our Volunteer Hospice Ambassadors. We shall be in contact very soon with those who have submitted an expression of interest. If you or someone you know is interested to be a Volunteer Hospice Ambassador, please let us know, ASAP.

National Palliative Care Week occurs each year in May – we are obviously keen to share the philosophy and importance of Palliative Care particularly in Ipswich and the West Moreton region.

These few days in the public consciousness could help someone / many in a very difficult time in the near or far future…. by virtue of knowing that such a great service exists!

Ipswich Hospice makes a significant effort all year round to inform the public about its services. I am particularly proud of the immense and very professional effort which has been made to showcase hospice as part of this year’s National Palliative Care Week. In fact, I am confident in saying that this year we have incredible strides forward in terms of our planning and engagement of so many individuals and businesses in the community. Thank you to everyone who has helped!

Ventures like ‘Wear Purple for Hospice’, “# 31 Stories ‘, ‘Adopt a Room’, ‘Purple Ribbons’, etc are all part of a targeted campaign to highlight the work of our organisation. Please continue to share our ventures / stories with you family, friends and networks.

I would also like to acknowledge the QT Newspaper for their ongoing commitment to showcasing our organisation, promoting our stories and I know that they are very supportive of our service / philosophy. River 94.9 Radio Station has also been very supportive of Ipswich Hospice…. with a little inside help!

I would like to provide you with a status update in regards to our Operational Plan (prepared for 1 year at a time) which is a “living / working” plan for the implementation of strategies contained within the Strategic Plan (for 5 years). The first year of the Operational Plan is near an end and it has been actioned very well indeed. The Operational Plan is an internal document and as such is not made publically available. However, I am happy to discuss and share its contents if you call past my office or your Team Leader will also have access to it and will be briefing you about it through their communication channels e.g., area specific team meetings, etc.

The Operational Plan essentially has the following format:

Four objectives

  1. Developing our People & Capability
  2. Modelling Best Practice Leadership and Governance
  3. Enhancing Community Ownership and Awareness
  4. Growing our Services Sustainably

These four objectives have been broken down into manageable chunks and are addressed under the following headings:

  • Strategies (what), Actions (how), Time Frames (when), Responsibility (who), Performance Indicators (measurement), Comments and Progress Updates, Standard.

The next Operational Plan (Yr 2) will be developed in coming weeks with input from Team Leaders (and from suggestions from their Team Members).

Each of the Team Leaders will be reporting closely against this Operational Plan over coming months so that all of the Actions will be implemented and all of the Performance Indicators will be met.

This Operational Plan (Yr 2) will be our guiding document for our activities going forward until the end of the financial year (30th June 2018).

I would like to remind you that our ‘Strategic Plan 2016-2020’ is a publically available document which can be found on our Ipswich Hospice Care Inc website. Please read it and we look forward to your suggestions, comments and feedback.

I would like to acknowledge and express a sincere thank you all our wonderful volunteers … your efforts have been recognised at the recent Volunteer Queensland Awards ceremony.

I look forward to your feedback and comments about all aspects of our service provision.

Thank you and kind regards,