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Hilda’s House launches new Grief Groups


Each year around 300 people from the community access support from Hilda’s House either in the lead up to the death of someone they love, or in the months and years afterwards.

Hilda’s House is an initiative of Ipswich Hospice Care and has been providing bereavement support services to people of the Ipswich and surrounding communities for over 10 years.

As a community we often don’t prepare well for death, and in many circumstances we have no time to prepare because someone we love dies suddenly. Additionally, the experience for people after someone dies is often filled with pain, regret, emptiness, lack of desire to move forward and many other very uncomfortable emotions.

Part of Hilda’s House’s services is to provide support groups for people who are bereaved. Our Kids’ Grief Group has been operating for over 7 years and is a wonderfully gentle and positive experience for children who have lost someone close to them. At the same time we offer a Parent/Carer Group designed to support parents whose children are grieving.

Our Adult Grief Group has been offered for 14 years and is available to any adults who are bereaved. One of its great strengths is the sense of connection which develops between people who resonate with each other’s experiences.

Learning more about grief and how it impacts our lives can help people to make sense of what they are experiencing. All of our groups encourage people to identify what helps them to cope in difficult times and to develop strategies which support them. Through discussions led by trained facilitators, participants discover they are able to offer ideas to others and that they can learn from different experiences and ways of approaching situations.

New groups begin in February and community members are welcome to enquire about participating in them.

Hilda’s House is located at 39 Chermside Road, Eastern Heights adjoining Ipswich Hospice Care.

For more information, or to book a place in the group – Phone 3812 1163